New Project Origin Trailer

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "For all those who think I'm insane for comparing this to Killzone 2, feast your eyes on this video."

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PS3rd the Turd3413d ago

It looks like a way beter game than Killzone 2. The only reason Killzone 2 gets the little attention it does is because PS3 has no big franchises like Halo or Gears of War that are Exclusive so Guerilla(C-Grade developers who have never made a good game for a console in their existence) are getting some hype for a game that no doubt has good particle and lighting effects...but everything else about it looks EXTEREMELY ordinary and generic.

This looks like a way more exciting game but ALOT of games look better than Killzone 2 as far as being a good game. Its one of the best graphically. It's still probably going to suck.

Let's hope it doesn't so the PS3rd fanboys can maybe get ONE good Exclusive made by Sony by the yer 2009 and they won't be so extremely desperate acting.

Gears, Halo, Doom, Quake, Half Life, Call of Duty(Infinity Ward)>>>>>>& gt;>Kill zone

Solid_Snake6663413d ago

only 2 of those games you mentioned are exclusive.

theKiller3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

its not even close to killzone 2!! but it is a bigger game in scale than killzone 2! i mean there is more crazy stuff going on on the screen than killzone 2!! but resistance 2 can easily kill project origin! killzone 2 is more like CG game!! project origin is more like improved graphics or a game like crisis that require high tech PC to run!

now the bots will keep saying for every new game that have nice graphics its better than KZ2!! keep dreaming bots!! this will happaned only on new PC games like crisis

Gam713413d ago

Isn't bitbag a ps site?

They're the ones saying it.

Ps fans don't want to admit it looks better because (even though we can already say it about GoW2) then they will no-longer be able to say "KZ2 looks better than anything 360 can do"

And thats the reason for the Sony defence force coming out en masse on this thread

Mc Fadge3413d ago

After the showing of the Killzone 2 footage at E3,

"That can't be realtime! YOU GOT LIED TO! BAWWWWWWWWW"

After the realtime footage was shown, and the graphics were almost the same,

"Gears of War 2 is better! BAWWWWWWWWWWWW"

Ironically you say the Sony defense force, implying they're defending something, which would be the needless comments by you and your partner up top.

PoorDroids3412d ago

lol, Grayone is nothing but a failed motion blur tech demo.

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Mc Fadge3413d ago

Especially the gun models, but I think Killzone 2 is still one notch higher. Can't wait to get this game though, should be great <33333

shine13963413d ago

this is one of the few shooters I will play on pc. Fear was tons better on pc...

TheIneffableBob3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

I'm only going to be checking this game out because it's by Monolith. I liked F.E.A.R. (and NOLF, and Blood, and SHOGO), but... I don't know--Project Origin just doesn't look super exciting to me. That ugly HUD is a major turnoff. :P

poopface13412d ago

I loved FEAR and FEAR XP on my pc. Those games were intense. I wish my pc was better causse I know that it wont be half as good on consoles. FEAR was definatly a shooter taht was way better on PC.

HAHAHHA guy above those are some OLD games you mention. I LOVE SHOGO. Cant believe anyone else knows what that is.

The Wood3413d ago

but K2 looks better IN MY OPINION..

supahbad3413d ago

no doubt. the RL looked very similar though

belal3413d ago

this game isnt even near as killzone 2 graphic wice !

better luck next time xbots :)

stick 2 gays of war 1.5 and gaylo 3 :)

Gam713413d ago

And you can stick to haze and Rfom 1.25

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