'Star Trek Online' is ready to beam up

AP Google writes: "'Star Trek Online' is finally going warp speed ahead.

After years in development limbo, the "Trek"-themed massively multiplayer online game will engage, according to game developer Cryptic Studios Inc.

Jack Emmert, Cryptic Chief Creative Officer, said players will begin "Star Trek Online" as the captain of a small Starfleet or Klingon Empire ship. They can customize their characters from pre-existing "Trek" species - from Klingons to Gorn - and can create entirely new alien races. As they progress through the game, players can increase in rank and gain larger vessels and more crew."

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3752d ago
yesah3752d ago

i dont care much about the star trek part, but ive been waiting for a game like EvE, but where you could walk around on your ship and the planets

Nasty3751d ago

Hope it's a good sci-fi MMORPG.