PSX Extreme: Backyard Baseball 09 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "The Backyard sports games for kids have turned out to be moderate success for Atari, which is the reason why we now have Backyard Baseball 09. It features real-life stars along with regular ol' fictional kids, and all of you head out to a variety of – you guessed it – backyards to compete in pickup games of our glorious pastime. But there is some depth, as you can start up a Season or a Tournament, and you can also track player performance along with a variety of other relevant statistics. Unfortunately, due to the numerous and sometimes severe technical glitches, this year's Backyard Baseball will only appeal to the youngest gamers; those who just want to knock the ball around in a simple baseball game. For everyone else, it can be entertaining for a while, but there's really not enough here to appeal to a wide demographic, just because the gameplay suffers from issues that can't be excused just because it's a PS2 game."

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