Bungie Weekly Update: 8/08/08

In this weeks update, Bungie thanks the fans for voting Halo 3 the Best Game of the Year. They also talk about some of the Bungie Publications with some presentations that you folks will probably be interested in.

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Johnny Cullen3778d ago


As good as Halo 3 was and is, it didnt deserve to win compared to Call of Duty 4 or Metal Gear Solid 4 (Especially MGS4)

At least it was very close between Halo 3 and MGS4, 40 votes or something.

toughNAME3778d ago

I bet this entire update is just so Bungie can rub it in your face

Viktor E3778d ago

Will someone be so kind as to inform them on the lack of interest in such updates

Skadoosh3778d ago

I'm interested and your not. So leave kid.

zonetrooper53778d ago

Meh I felt that Halo 3 was a better game than Call of Duty 4 ever was, I don't even know why I bought Call of Duty 4, poor online support, rubbish matchmaking system, very little patches to fix issues etc. Bungie on the other hand will support their game, they release updates, forge, new maps free and paid fore etc.