Ahead of ‘Fallout 4’, Let’s Look at Gaming’s Most Gorgeous Apocalypses

A brief overview of gaming's more pleasant-on-the-eye ends of the world as we know it.

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UserNameIsNotTaken1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

The last of us has really cool apocalypse environments. Animals wandering around, buildings falling on each other, people acting differently and doing stuff for survival.. etc.
It's like ND lived that and gave us what's real lol

Crimzon1107d ago

It was notable for being a colorful apocalypse as well. Whereas most games (as well as movies and TV shows) set their apocalypses in dreary brown/gray wastelands, The Last of Us broke the mold and showed a beautiful apocalypse with a world slowly being reclaimed by nature. Enslaved did something similar as well and it was refreshing to see in both cases.

SolidGear31107d ago

Nate Wells did the landscape artwork for both Enslaved and The Last of Us which is why they're so similar.

SolidGear31107d ago

Next up is Horizon: Zero Dawn