GameSpy: de Blob Preview

GameSpy writes: "The developers of de Blob have been heard to describe their game as a sort of interactive musical coloring book, and that might seem accurate from watching video clips of the gameplay. Yet, during our recent hands-on session, we discovered that the gameplay of de Blob is a far cry from the static pages of a coloring book, musical or otherwise. Although the overall theme of de Blob tends toward a relaxing, mellow theme (complete with chill jazz music to lull you into a false sense of security), actually playing the game requires quite a bit of skill in the later levels. Essentially, de Blob may have the look and sound of a languid respite from the rigors of hard core gaming, but this outward appearance seems to belie the genuine challenge lurking just beneath the surface.

The story behind de Blob is a simple one: the colorful denizens of Chroma City are suddenly beset by the drab and vile INKT Corporation which begins brutally draining the world of color and music leaving a bland and depressing wake devoid of anything but black and white silence. You play as de Blob, a rolly-polly little guy working on behalf of an underground revolutionary force determined to put a stop to INKT's nefarious activities. Along the way, de Blob must return color to Chroma City by slathering the walls of its buildings with different colors of paint while engaging and defeating the agents of INKT wherever he finds them."

-Color and music effectively used as a metaphor for liberty and liveliness
-Plenty challenging despite cutesy appearance

-Kiddy looks might discourage hard core gamers looking for a real challenge
-Chill jazz riffs could cause spontaneous toe-tapping

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