Let's discuss Devil May Cry 4


"I used to watch wrestling a lot more than I do nowadays. Smackdown aired on basic cable, so I could flip it on and watch some body slams and muscular men getting uncomfortably close together (as if they wanted to kiss each other); I remember there was one fight between Rey Mysterio and Batista that was more or less amazing. But when it hopped channels, I didn't have the will to chase after it -- and I never really watched Raw in the first place, so I was out. And the last wrestling game I played was Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (I think), which was pretty fun IMO, but my brother decided to trade it in just cause. Either that, or he hated spending most matches unconscious and flat on his face."

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Eiyuuou1048d ago

That was actually a surprisingly good read!

When it ccomes to combat, DMC4 is still king of the series!

Featuring_Dante1048d ago

Really nice read. DMC4 is the end all be all hack and slash game. The possibilities are endless in that game.

jeremyj29131048d ago

DMC3 is still my favorite in terms of combat and options. Since Dante was pretty much just copied over from 3 in 4 he didn't hold my attention that long and Nero got boring pretty quick. I love Vergil in Special Edition tho.