1UP: Brothers in Arms: Art of War First-Look Preview

Brothers in Arms: Art of War never feels particularly gruesome, even when you're pulling a fellow GI from beneath flaming wreckage or a dying German soldier tosses one last potato--masher grenade at you as you pass by. This is because the game uses a silly Metal Slug-like visual style, where cartoony soldiers appear expressive -- but not especially intense.

It generally works, though -- the levels are quick and easy, with a great deal of variety introduced early on. As the game begins, you have to evade antiaircraft fire as you parachute into the battlefield; once you hit the ground, you must disable those same guns using typical context-sensitive saboteur skills. Later, you'll be able to blow up German bunkers with bazookas and turn mounted machine guns onto approaching trucks and planes. The rapid-fire change in gameplay every few seconds reminds me of the epic battle sequences in Might and Magic II -- but even though Brothers in Arms lacks the overall leveling up and exploration of that game, it manages to squeeze a little fun into each quick mission.

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