XBOX 360 Arcade Price Drop: Will it make a difference?

Will the price drop of the xbox 360 arcade version really make a difference? Any self-respecting gamer won't bother with the arcade version, and why would any casual gamer get a $200 console that comes with Pacman and Uno when they could get the Wii for the same price?

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gangstardo3753d ago

i care nice replacement system for 199 plus add 120 hd you got a white elite. you can find 120 hdds fo 129.99 - 179.99 brand new

toughNAME3753d ago

Well the other consoles will probably fall...if that counts as making a difference

mikeslemonade3753d ago

Of course it will make a differene but they have to have software to back it up and they don't.

dle3753d ago

I was a hardcore gamer in the SNES/Genesis days. Now I consider myself an advanced casual gamer. There are zillions of self respecting gamers like me who think the 360 core is great at $199. That's all I will need to fix my occasional urge to play. So Microsoft is very smart for giving customers choices.

mistertwoturbo3753d ago

lol the other console will fall.

People also said the PS3 is going to be dead after Halo 3 launched.

jaysquared3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

"Of course it will make a differene but they have to have software to back it up and they don't."

Hey c'mon now you dont need to bring Sony into this.. This is about M$.. You are talking about Sonys desperation move of dropping the price of their PS3 after only 6 months on the market with no software to back it up right?

juuken3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )


You belong over there.

And jaysquared, Microsoft's pricecut reeks of desperation more than anything I've seen.

power of Green 3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

The Wii is not a next gen powerhouse with advanced features and services, Wii is being helped because it is cheap ontop of being different lol.

What kind of remark is this?:

"why would any casual gamer get a $200 console that comes with Pacman and Uno"

What game(s) does the Wii come with, the Wii is $200?. Who posted this garbage?.

"why would any casual gamer get a $200 console that comes with Pacman and Uno"

^^^Why would any casual get a console?, maybe because they can afford it.

Why would anybody get a PS3 when they can get a PS2.

[email protected] PS3 fans in here to trash talk telling 360 fans where to post.

power of Green 3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

We'll see just how much this clown frowns when the price drops, if he doesn't like the idea fine, but to assume he speaks for everybody is ridiculous.

"And jaysquared, Microsoft's pricecut reeks of desperation more than anything I've seen."

Desperation would be MSFT lowering the price before they where able to. I wouldn't call holding out(for reasons unknown) so long people were getting upset "desperation". Sony lowering the price 3 times in one year is desperation, lying about your console's capabilities is desperation.

It's OK to lash out, venting your frustration on MSFT as if they commited some SIN, I'm sure Sony would lower the price if they could.

You guy's are acting like MSFT could have done this at any time and have not been woking on the issue for a while, magically doing it next month for no other reason than desperation and to piss off PS3 fanb*y*.

Bloodwar3752d ago

MGS4 didn't do such a good job of killing the 360 either, did it? Fanboys. hehh.

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Overr8ed3753d ago

by how much? if its enough then ill buy.

sak5003753d ago

Time to bury the PS2. This should put nail in the coffin atleast in non pirating regions. Ps2 is still popular becausae of 1$ games available throughout most countries. The prices of software is what is inhibiting from the consoles to taking off in 3rd world countries. Something should be done about price of games rather than hardware.

AuburnTiger3753d ago

that's like saying time to bury XP....

AlterEgo3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Honestly, my opinion is that the 360 is already at a reasonable enough price for the general public to accept it as a justifiable purchase.

What this means, is that those who really wanted a 360 weren't complaining about the price and in turn, a price drop won't increase sales THAT much. Of course you'll see a spike in hardware sales upon the price drop and maybe a few weeks afterwards, but I don't think it'd make a long-term difference. Software will be key for the 360 going forward, in addition to some sort of permanent and plausible intervention in terms of hardware reliability, rather than just an extended warranty.

What the 360 price drop WILL do however, is force Sony and Nintendo to make a move. QUICKLY. The Wii has seen unheard of success at a low price-point but let's face's not necessarily a "HD" console, and when still-last-gen gamers and the general public alike feel that they want to make the investment into gaming, the 360 will start to look like (and will be) a much better value for the price. A $249 Wii where you can have Mario, Metroid and Zelda titles, or a $199 Xbox 360 where you can get online gaming, Gears, Halo, COD, Mass Effect, Bioshock etc type games? Sure the Wii and the 360 cater to different markets but with XBLA and it's ongoing 'casual' movement, Nintendo needs to react.

Sony on the other hand currently has momentum in their favor and a $199 Xbox 360 will cause those on the fence between the two have less to think about if the price of the PS3 doesn't drop. As much as it seems like we know a lot about today's gaming...we (gaming-site members) make up the minority of the total gaming population and unfortunately, what the majority sees and reacts upon is "PRICE". A $199 Xbox 360 and a $399 Playstation 3, REGARDLESS of the available software, hardware capabilities/differences and online experience seems an easy enough choice for someone who knows nothing about what either system has to offer besides the fact that they can play Grand Theft Auto 4 on either and that one's vastly cheaper than the other.

zo6_lover273753d ago

I've heard that the only reason they are dropping the price is because they are going to discontinue them.

And BTW, its not the price of the console people complain about, its the accessories, $180 for 120GB HDD. Seriously?

AlterEgo3753d ago

If the $199 is really a fire sale to liquidate Arcade consoles, then Microsoft knows exactly how much stock is in the wild and hasn't been sold.

By that token, I thought that the 60GB was replacing the 20GB system?

xSHROOMZx3753d ago

They have already stated that their not getting rid of tha Arcade system, so wrong answer z06.

I will be buying one soon as tha price drops, bored without any games to play, and I have a PS3...... cant wait to get my new 360!