TVGB: Interview Dead Space creative director Bret Robbins

TVGB writes: " the past two days I can almost guarantee that my life was significantly better than yours. Why? Because I was at EA's offices outside of San Francisco eating, drinking and, most importantly, playing their upcoming science fiction survival horror game Dead Space. All this was part of the game's Community Day that a few web sites and Dead Space community members had the privilege of attending. I'll be bringing you plenty of news (and some random other stuff) from the day but I figured we should kick it off with a 1-on-1 interview with the game's creative director, Bret Robbins.

After getting some hands-on time with the game, some of which I can't even talk about for a while, and also learning more about the universe than I could ever have hoped, I sat down with Robbins to dig through some questions about Dead Space and how it came to be. One of the more interesting aspects of Dead Space is the fact that its world is being developed beyond just the game into a comic book and an animated film, which are both acting as prequels to the game. More interesting than that though is that the entire game is based around dismembering the enemies. Read on to find out how that idea even came to be and a bit about a possible Dead Space movie."

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