Miyamoto Banned From Talking About His Hobbies?

Shigeru Miyamoto is arguably the greatest game designer in the history of the industry. It is his brilliance and inventiveness that has created some of the most successful and endearing franchises–Mario, Zelda, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and more.

Most of his creations have a common thread–they were born from Miyamoto doing normal everyday activities. Whether it be stepping on a weight scale or walking through the forest, his ideas were born out of amazing simplicity to form something incredible.

Those simple activities, however, Miyamoto will have to keep to himself from now on. According to "inside sources" in Nintendo, the company has banned Miyamoto from speaking about any of his hobbies.

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thewesker3754d ago

seems kinda odd. like, even he talked about it, it's not like he'd say...i like doing this and this is the game i'm going to make...

iamtehpwn3754d ago

Miyamoto pwnz.
I love hearing how he got his ideas for games.

ElementX3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Ha, maybe MS will give him the freedom to talk about his hobbies :)


Seriously though, is he going to make a "walking through the ancient forest" game? Doubtful. Let the man speak! You can't control someone like that, it's inhumane. If someone wants to discuss their personal hobbies, FFS, let them.

Sitdown3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I agree. It does not sound like his hobbies are that different than anybody why not allow him to talk about long as he does not share the insight of his hobbies...or the thought process that turns them into games...........and even then, he would still have the ability to out due somebody who stole his idea. With that said, why does it seem like so many developers, producers, publishers, etc have been having something to say lately?

Cheeseknight283754d ago

Here's the thing though, he did make a game about walking through the forest. You may know it as Pikmin.

ElementX3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I dunno...

Anyway, Miyamoto has been doing Zelda and Mario and what-not for years. I love those games. I can't say that I've played them all, but the ones i've played I have really enjoyed. I don't see how his hobbies are disclosing secrets about his games. I don't see him carrying around a sword and shield and using faeries to heal himself as a hobby, in reference to Zelda, or breaking blocks with his head as in Mario...........

*EDIT* @above
well that's pushing it, i mean maybe if he told everyone he found UFO pieces in the forest and a bunch of little creatures he could control, then I would think Pikmin

Cheeseknight283754d ago

Well the only thing I can recall of that inspired Mario was his old landlord, named Mario. Though I guess it's certainly POSSIBLE that he jumped up and smashed the ceiling above him... :)

BLuKhaos3754d ago

oh god i don't even want to know how many brown midgets his land lord butt stomped.

Silogon3754d ago

No, he "claims" to have made Zelda from walking through the forest as a boy. Pikmin he "claims" was made from working in his garden. If you're going to tell the story tell it right.

I say "claims" cause we all know, after Gamesblows video, that

He made Zelda after playing copious amounts of Adventure for the atari and he made Pikmin after playing lemmings for years. He made Mario Galaxy after he got to the 2nd planet on R&C going commando.

This guy isn't half as great as his fan made legend proceeds him to be. Get real, guys.

ChickeyCantor3753d ago

Still bitter are we?

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mirroredderorrim3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

This is idiotic if true. If not for Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo would not be the company it is today. Him, Gunpei Yokoi (rest in peace) and many others I am shamed not to mention.

mistertwoturbo3754d ago

It'd be a strange world if Miyamoto gets a job at Microsoft.

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