IGN: Moon Hands-On

If you're a Nintendo fan and you haven't yet heard of studio Renegade Kid, you haven't been paying attention. The company's first title, a DS-exclusive first-person shooter called Dementium: The Ward, turned a lot of heads with great tech, tight controls and a creepy presentation and its second effort, Moon, looks even better, sporting an improved 3D engine (one of the best on DS), the same speedy controls and a completely different storyline set not on, but inside the moon. In 2058, mankind discovers a hidden alien hatch on Earth's closest neighbor and dispatches a secret elite task force led by you, Major Kane, to open and explore the find.

Of course, everything that could go wrong does and before too long you're seemingly all alone, gun in hand, running through alien corridors teeming with all manners of extraterrestrial life. Like Dementium before it, Moon comes to DS at a blazing fast 60 frames per second and some of the prettiest 3D graphics to grace the handheld. It's a showpiece, but more, it's a project designed for the hardcore.

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