Red Faction: Guerrilla Beta Opens to XBL Subscribers

THQ has opened its beta for Red Faction: Guerrilla to the public. Originally, the beta, which launched on August 1, was available only to subscribers of IGN and Fileplanet. Now, the beta is available to Xbox 360 owners 18 years or older with an active subscription to Xbox Live.

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Sangheili853413d ago

Go to and register. It's now a open beta and they will issue you a Key in seconds. You just have to register with Fileplanet also.

HeroOfCows3413d ago

Thanks, got my registration now.

Millah3413d ago

Sweet, bubbles for Sangheili

Alpha_Gamer3413d ago

Bubbles indeed! Why? because I got a key! WOOOOOOO.

Sangheili853412d ago

Thanks alot for the extra bubbles. Glad to help out. Enjoy my friends!

Rob0g0rilla3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Bubbles Sangheili85. Thanks. I actually got a key.

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Minnasouljah3413d ago

um yeah so it costs money?

Alpha_Gamer3413d ago

no dude, registering is free.

Alpha_Gamer3413d ago

I`m gonna go play! WOOOOOO! I love betas. WOOOOOO.

Minnasouljah3413d ago

i clicked join today for file planet but it gives me two options, both of which cost money =((

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The story is too old to be commented.