Are Third-Party Controllers the Way of the Future?

Controllers, they are the lifeblood of every video game system since the beginning of time. From the NES to the PS4, the controller has always been an integral part of any gamer’s arsenal. For as long as there have been video game systems there have been third-party controllers; whether they are good substitutes or horrible excuses of hardware are almost always wildly hit and miss. Gamers around the globe have always used the first-party controllers as these were often the best, not only for comfort but also in accuracy. Nothing is worse than when you are trying to gain the advantage on the enemy only to be killed because of third party software not being able to keep up. With recent advancements from the likes of PowerA and PDP could there be a shift in quality-over-cost ratio for these game peripherals?

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MrsNesbitt1137d ago

The prices of official controllers are irritating! Good article

alexgibson1137d ago

I remember when third party controllers were total trash. I suppose it was only a matter of time before better technology became available at a cheaper price. Still, I think there is a lot to be said for the Xbox elite controller and first party alternatives. I hope Playstation bring out something similar. I always pay more for always decent first party product.

Yukes1137d ago

Would be nice for Sony and Microsoft to see some serious competition though to at least drive down price, wouldn't it?

MrsNesbitt1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

@ alex Gibson - The one's with 'Turbo' buttons! HAHA

eyeDEVOUR1136d ago

ive never found a good 3rd party controller...

TheCommentator1136d ago

My ASCII pads for the SNES are the bomb, with better ergonomics, turbo, and slow mo. I guess it has been a while though, lol.

Immorals1136d ago

My afterglow 360 pad isn't bad!

SaffronCurse1136d ago

Those had horrid dead zones. Nearly unplayable for me.

Heyxyz1136d ago

Does the Ps4 even have third party controllers? I can't say I've ever found one.

KwietStorm1136d ago

I have to believe you never actually looked then.

Summons751136d ago

Me either and I'd really like to find one because 65 bucks it's outrageous. Give me a cheap $20 wired controller and I'll be fine as long as it works properly and feels nice in my hand.