What's Atari Bringing To Games Convention?

Kotaku writes: "Well, this sucks. Atari says the company plans to "turn up the summer heat" at the Leipzig Games Convention this year. Unfortunate, because the Leipziger Messe can get pretty sweaty, something Fahey and I aren't going to appreciate when we're perspiring pure Pilsner.

How's Atari affecting climate change in Leipzig this year? Hot(t) games, of course! They'll be showing lots of stuff, including What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver for Nintendo DS, My Horse and Me 2 for Wii and DS, The Witcher Enhanced Edition and Alone in the Dark for the PlayStation 3."

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Overr8ed3727d ago

Are they finally giving up!?

TheColbertinator3727d ago

I know what would help.A new serious IP like a western RPG or they could pick up the Ghostbusters game.

Elven63727d ago

The Ghostbusters game would do them really well.