2K Boston's Kline: Appetite For BioShock-like Experience On Wii

In a recent interview with 2k games, 2k Boston Tech Director Chris Kline hinted at Bioshock coming to Nintendo's hardcore-lacking console.

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Shoko3777d ago

We can expect the graphics to be great then considering how much effort was put into the other Bioshock's. Cool. I can't wait.

Zerodin3777d ago

If they change enough of the game to make it sort of a new game, like they're doing with Dead Rising, then I MAY bite.

ChickeyCantor3777d ago

Bring it.
There is no reason why it should not. Wii needs more games like this one.
I however did not really liked the game, maybe the controll scheme can change that.

lewis3777d ago

i dont care that people say the wii is laking hardcore games besides wii is on of the best hardcore consols.

ChickeyCantor3776d ago

No, Wii needs them.
Wii is lacking in that department.

FantasyStar3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.