Throwdown Ep. 59 – Xbox One or PlayStation 4: Which is Actually “For the Players”?

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg claimed that if people want a system to play games on then the only choice is the Xbox One. Also this week, our good friend Torrence Davis put up a Twitter poll asking his followers which system offered the most value between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Both of these events inspired the main topic of this week. Which box is the best box? We break down each systems pros and cons and determine which one is in fact 'for the gamers.'

Other topics we discuss this week:
*Halo 5 releases a ton of stats… except sales numbers.
*Konami says next Metal Gear Solid game will require a “large-scale investment.”
*SNK is done with Pachinko machines and is re-focusing on Video Games
*Activision buys Candy Crush developer, King."

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sammarshall102836d ago

I'd say based on updates/features like a new UI, backwards compatibility, etc that Microsoft is showing they're for the players right now

Profexxion836d ago

Whatever the individual player desires more, seek it out. Or get all the consoles.

Majin-vegeta836d ago

*Snk done with Pachi machines.

Yes than god.Hopefully we can now get a proper Fatal Fury game...and not this crap

Kyosuke_Sanada836d ago

I agree. SNK has tons of heavy hitters in their arsenal that given proper care, they can yield awesome results. One need to look no further than King Of Fighters XIII.

carlosstyles836d ago

Obviously Microsoft, i sold my ps4 after the last E3.

WeAreLegion836d ago

The E3 where they showed The Last Guardian again, announced a full Final Fantasy VII remake, and gave us a live demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn, possibly the coolest new IP of the generation?

Are you absolutely sure you had a PS4?

muzikjunkie80836d ago


people like you need to realize not everyone is into final fantasy and other rpgs i for one passed up on bloodborne, good looking game but just not my type of game.

horizon looked pretty good but to say its the coolest ip of the generation is pretty far fetched as this generation is only 2 years old and there are lots of games to be announced in the next few years to come, the xbox one has some pretty cool looking games coming in 2016 also but i suppose to ps4 only owners they donr like admitting a rival console can also have cool new ips nothing new on n4g i suppose.

and what do you care if he had a ps4? if he sold it then thats his choice, who are you to question his decision?

as to the headline one simple answer if it plays games regardless of what name is in the box all cosoles are for the players. i own both ps4 and xbox one and both are fantastic machines in their respect. lets put this shite to bed and game on folks

WeAreLegion836d ago

You think I only own a PS4? I have every system out there and build PC's. I just don't believe this guy.

I think every gamer should have a PS4, XBO, Wii U, and PC right now. There are too many great games on each not to.

What people like you need to understand is we can defend systems without hating other systems. I love this entire industry.

Insomnia_84836d ago

It's a shame we share the same name.

Trekster_Gamer836d ago

XB1 has much more games, but if you want to see a few extra blades of grass and do not seek the better variety, and larger selection of AAA games then PS4 is for you.

WeAreLegion836d ago (Edited 836d ago )

Actually, the PS4 has at least 80 more games than the XBO.

As far as announced games go, it's not even close. We're talking HUNDREDS more.

Exclusive = 90
Sony exclusive = 97
Console exclusive = 167
Multiplatform = 438
Total = 812

Exclusive = 40
Microsoft exclusive = 9
Console exclusive or timed = 76/27
Multiplatform/TBA = 342/2
Total = 495

This is data off Wikipedia, by the way. If you have a better source, feel free to use it.

NewAgeisHere836d ago

Don't bother explaining it to him, he's obvioulsy the type that won't let facts get in the way of his delusion. XB1 has more games?April 1st was couple months back:)

PreAtaric836d ago (Edited 836d ago )

That has to be a joke...

BadBoyC836d ago (Edited 836d ago )

Idk why you're lying about the Xbox One having a larger catalog of games than the PS4 but if you really thought the Xbox One is as great as you claim it is then you wouldn't lie about it.

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