Killzone 2 Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "In many ways, Killzone 2 is a fairly traditional FPS. The controls are basic, with shoulder buttons for firing and tossing grenades, as well as the ability to sprint, take cover, jump, and a variety of other actions. The game features a ton of weapons and emphasizes the importance of working together with your squad. Enemies work together to take you down, so helping out your allies and keeping them alive is critical to your success."

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foodbox3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Killzone was mediocre (at best) and Killzone 2 is shaping up to be another Lair.

This article just repeats everything written in other articles, nothign new, just a fanboy article written to generate traffic.


PoSTedUP3783d ago

killzone was awesome.

killzone2.... well lets just wait n see Mr. Nostradamus.....

CViper3783d ago

What is a Lair title? Because the only downfall of lair, was its 6 axis only controls. There is more wrong with the game if you've actually played it, but nothing major.

So please, enlighten us on how an FPS is going to become a Lair? When this game has hype and infamy dating back to 2005? I know its a general fanboy bashing term to use. But how can you compare the two? Games that fall short of hype aren't ps3 specific.

BiggDaddy3113783d ago

A fanboy calling out a fanboy that is original. Takes one to know one right? How is this gonna be another Lair? I don't think there are any dragons in this. And I think that this takes place in the future? Please I really am trying to remember the 32 player online experience in Lair, can you refresh? Was there online Co-Op in Lair as well? I don't remember any guns either? Wait a second Sony doesn't own factor 5 the makers of Lair. That is right they are indie developers, same with Ninja Theory who did Heavenly Sword. So please tell me the last time a first party Sony studio got a bad review fanboy?

PoSTedUP3783d ago

i played lair and though it was EPIC cause i love the sixaxis for flying games and apparently its fairly easy and fun for me to control, people that dont know how to use sixaxis (its not easy) thought lair was bad because of it but the fact is it had a great story, graphics and action on screen but the gameplay is an opinion and those of you who didnt like it cause of the controls the controls were fixed and now you can use analogue so it should be much better. lair was a great game for me personally due to the sixaxis wireless controller. sorry to those who didnt enjoy it as much as i did.

silverchode3783d ago

i think by another lair he meant another game that has graphics superior to any xbox game :)

poindat3783d ago

Please go to the open zone. You cannot say a game is going to be a flop if you haven't actually played it yet. ESPECIALLY if that game has recieved positive previews from almost any gaming media that has played it, and said game will most likely be one of the best games of 2009.

You obviously have never played Lair, too. As said a above, it was a flop because it required you to use the Sixaxis. And that has been fixed now. Lair was actually fairly good.

oOLightOo3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

it should be shapin up to be another Haze. lol and how did you even come up with that opinion. theres nothin but good preivews of KZ2.

CViper3783d ago

we all fell for the troll ;\

trancefreak3783d ago

speaking of lair i should give it a try.

xjxdoggystyyle3783d ago

xbox 360 and a ps3 ...and im by far way more in love with my 360 then the ps3....but but but...this game is shapin up to be a must have day one for me....looks fantastic...and more i read about it the more i get excited bout it...cant wait for this one....

juuken3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

And if this game was on the 360, you would have praised it to high heaven.
Typical 360 owners wants the PS3 to fail in terms of games AND sales.

EDIT: And yet you failed to note that the PS3 has been receiving the most heat lately. That was the point of my comment but nice try at trying to distort it in your own wording.

jaysquared3783d ago

"And if this game was on the 360, you would have praised it to high heaven.
Typical 360 owners wants the PS3 to fail in terms of games AND sales."

And PS3 fans want the 360 to succeed right?

supahbad3783d ago

wtf you are a noob. this game will rock, only a fanboy or someone who is FPS retarded would think otherwise. just go cry in a corner.

felidae3783d ago

you are a sad human being.

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Shaka2K63783d ago

Best graphics.
Best physics.
Best story.
Best gameplay.
Best lighting.

GOTY 2009.

Zerodin3783d ago

You're drolling on my new shoees!

n4gzz3783d ago

not the best story. everything else, I agree.

smurfie43783d ago

Im wishing for the best with Killzone 2 this time around. The first was too ambitious for the hardware but thats not the case this time.

silverchode3783d ago

cant wait to make a clan.

enjoi1873783d ago

i think socom did way better than killzone...but killzone to looks sick...check out the grapics on the guns...damn son

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