Madden 09 Release Day Roster Update

Complete list of changes for the first roster update for Madden 09. It is expected to be out on release day of the game, August 12th.

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omodis4203749d ago

That's lame. They should release it at 12:01am east coast time. For those of us who are buying it at midnight. I don't want to wait until the next day to start my franchise mode. Damn Brett Farve. I hope he crashes and burns with the Jets.

omodis4203749d ago

I don't care how you spell that assholes name.
Once again I hope he crashes and burns. Then he will retire only to unretire again. Someone get him some ADD meds.

LevDog3749d ago

Wow a roster update already.. One of many? oh wait this is madden.. One of 3 roster updates throughout the year