Big Download Interview: Robert Khoo on Penny Arcade Expo 2008

It started in 2004 simply as a way for fans of the popular web based comic strip Penny Arcade to get together, talk about and play games and have fun. In 2008, the Penny Arcade Expo has grown by leaps and bounds and is now the largest single gathering of people for a video/PC gaming event in the US. Organizers have predicted that 45,000 people will attend PAX 2008 in downtown Seattle from August 29-31 and considering that pre-registrations for the event have already exceeded the total attendance of 37,000 for PAX 2007 that 45,000 figure might turn out to be conservative.

So why has Penny Arcade Expo grown so much in both attendance and importance in so short of time? Big Download got a chance to chat with Penny Arcade's business head Robert Khoo to find out more and get a little more info on the just announced plans to host an east coast PAX event in 2010.

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