Xbox One deal: 500GB Xbox One, Black Ops 3, AC Unity, TB DXL1, GOW: UE for $350

Today, here's an excellent deal to share with those gamers who are looking to pick up an Xbox One, some games and a stellar headset.

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RuleNumber51016d ago

So wish I didn't have an Xbox One right now lol. I'd be on this deal like Ron Burgundy on Veronica Corningstone.

hello121016d ago

Thats insane a headset included. They must be behind Sony for October NPD there pushing hard.

GusBricker1016d ago

I think GameSpot is doing this, too, but you get Halo 5 as one of the games.

MCTJim1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

the gamestop one is the console, Gears ultimate, the new wireless controller and a free game of 59.99 or less for 349.99.

GusBricker1016d ago

Ahhh, ok. When I was there, it was crowded and everyone was trading in their own consoles and picking up Xbox Ones and PS4's and CoD, it was crazy.