Got Girls? Gaming's Demographic Expands

"You were beat by a girl!" It's a schoolyard line we've all heard, primarily uttered to ridicule both the guys who lost and the girls who won. With the growing popularity of gaming amongst women, that playground taunt has taken on a new meaning, adopted by the self-professed gamer girls and spoken with pride. Don't expect these video game vixens to go easy on you just because you have mesmerizing man-junk; they play to win. And sure, guy gamers are overly eager to hurl vicious, misogynistic insults thanks to the anonymity of the internet, but that doesn't change the fact that girl gamers are here to stay (and pwn).

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Cat3778d ago

"mesmerizing man junk"? I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I read that, LOL.

OriginalWangster3778d ago

I get owned by girls... both online and offline :'(