Games that Need a Change: Dynasty Warriors

If there is ANY game in the history of games that DESPERATELY needs to change its good ole Dynasty Warriors. Despite the game having a GREAT story (if you the story.) it just seems like every single game outside of the first have been the same damn thing over...and over...and over.

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CBaoth3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

It's perhaps the worst article I have ever read on N4g.

1) First off, no one but probably me even cares for KOEI products here
2) Everything in his wishlist ALREADY EXISTS so it only reinforces the notion that he's a total moron and the prime example of why blogs need to be screened before getting linked.

He wanted a RTS, RPG, and a fighting game based off the DW series.

Ok try the ROTK series for your RTS/RPG fix. It's only been here since the days of the SNES and ROTK 12 (that's TWELVE, not v1.2) is slated for the PS3/360 in 2010.

KOEI tried making a fighting game based off the 3 kingdoms period. It's called Dynasty Warriors (the original) and sold like crap. Hence, the switch to hack-N-slash. *walks off shaking head*