First DayZ Console Prototype Expected in Q1 2016, Won’t Hit Xbox Preview Program This Year

SegmentNext - DayZ console build is expected in 2016, according to Bohemia Interactive. The developer also announced that the game won’t hit Xbox Preview program this year.

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retrogamer09869d ago

Dude N4G you really need to control who submits these articles. This is my 10th article i've clicked on that my computer has given me Malware warnings. You really need to chill the fuck out with this and do better. Wtth the traffic you're generating this is uncalled for and it's dangerous for your users. Either preview the sites and make sure they're malware free beforehand or fix the system.

Stapleface869d ago

So, an alpha version for the consoles. Of a game that is still in alpha on pc. Let's get this thing that only kind of works on pc and see if we can get it kinda working on consoles.

Timesplitter14869d ago

Personally, I am expecting a trainwreck

DayZ is one of my favorite games of all time, but even I can admit it is thoroughly broken. And I cannot even begin to imagine how sluggish this will be on consoles

DeToX420869d ago

This is an odd situation i really enjoy day z but the game isnt really done yet, so i dont know how they are going to get it to work on consoles but maybe they will surprise me.

PreAtaric869d ago

I look forward to checking it out, along with H1Z1. Hopefully we'll get console news about the latter as well before too long.