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Gaming promises don’t get much bigger than those made by Bungie in the lead up to the release of Destiny. Gamers salivated with anticipation, the promised land of a multi-platform Halo-style MMO world edging ever closer. Epic stories, access to the lessons learnt from nearly a decade of World of Warcraft, next-gen platforms screaming for their first real blockbuster. The stage was set for greatness, but last minute politics and hasty re-dos ensured that the Destiny Bungie delivered wasn’t anywhere near the one they promised.

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ninsigma1108d ago

"Throughout much of Destiny’s Year 1 content we had no idea what we were doing, why we were doing it and who we were doing it to. The Fallen? The Vex? The Cabal? I still have no idea who these people are and what they want. They are reduced to generic space enemies".

There's actually quite a lot of back story to all these guys but unfortunately it's all hidden away behind those grimoires. The fallen do seem like a generic enemy as you say but actually they are a race that was once graced by the presence of the traveler and they saw a time prosperity, much like humans did on earth later on. Then the darkness caught up with the traveler and it fled, leaving the fallen to become what they are. They attack humans because they want the traveller back and they'll do anything to achieve that goal. Interestingly when the darkness arrived on earth the traveller tried to flee again but rasputin (the random Russian warmind) decided to injure the traveller so it couldn't leave, forcing it to use most of its life/energy to protect the earth and the population.

There's so much there and it's all really amazing but Bungie just haven't been good enough in telling the story. That is the games biggest flaw in my opinion. Game play is top notch though and I have great fun with my team in the raid so I do agree with the score. The improvements introduced in ttk have made the game a lot better!