Rant: Stop blaming, banning videogames for real-world violence

Gamertell has posted a writer's rant about videogames always being blamed for violence. The article was inspired by the banning of Grand Theft Auto in Thailand. From the article:

"Ah. Yet another case of 'life imitating art.' Remember the problem though. Before games, movies and any violent media, there was still violence. So, in comes the obvious step of scapegoating. The easiest thing the blame is something that really can't defend itself. It's the basic psychology of blame. Since the Columbine school shooting, the popular thing to blame for violence has been videogames.

We are in an age where one of crime's biggest motives and accusations is 'entertainment made him do it.'"

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Dill-Schil3777d ago

thats like sueing burnout for people getting in wrecks or suing need for speed for street racing man its so stupid people are dumb

Rob Hornecker3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Geez...Please don't give these anti-gaming zealots anymore ideas! Look at the full article and read my post there...