The Sale Of Adult Video Games To Children With Parental Approval Should Be Banned

A most important bill, the bipartisan Video Games Rating Enforcement Act, has been introduced by two members of Congress, Jim Matheson and Lee Terry. This bill, if passed, would require retailers to check identification in order to keep adult-rated video games from being sold to children. The introduction of this legislation in the House of Representatives came on the heels of the release of the latest version of the ultra-violent M-rated video game Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City. Despite the fact that this video game allows players to shoot police officers and innocent bystanders, have sex with prostitutes, and receive lap dances from strippers, nothing in the law currently prevents retailers from selling this video game to children of any age. In my opinion, that sort of thing can't be tolerated. It makes me wonder how our country could ever get to the state where parents of children of tender age even have to worry about such things.

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Silly Mammo3780d ago

Parents are the best line of defense and its also where the system breaks down. I was at video game store a couple years ago, where the clerk told them all about the violence and sex in a game and the father of the 6-7 year old tells the mother "oh honey...just buy it for him."