Twisted Metal Franchise Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Twisted Metal aimed to entertain, and it did that far more often than not – even if that was occasionally executed with some of the worst acting this side of a Jill Sandwich.

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Majin-vegeta1110d ago

Am I the only one who has enjoyed all the TM games?

Highlife1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

The ps1 games were the best. I would play split screen with my brother all the time. We would tape a big piece of cardboard to the tv so we couldn't look at each other's screen. So much fun.

The last one just wasn't as fun as the old ones not sure why.

spunnups1110d ago

Nope, I enjoyed them all, even TM3 and 4. Forget which one of those had a soundtrack of Entirely Rob Zombie, but that one rocked.

BlackTar1871110d ago

Twisted Metal 3 made by 989 studios. I like those one too but they were much less quality. My favorite is TM2 and TM Black then TM1 TMPS3 and TM3 and TM4

MastaMold1110d ago

No your not the only one that enjoyed all twisted metal, waiting for twisted metal game for PS4

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ValKilmer1110d ago

Hoping we get a Twisted Metal PS4.

ZaWarudo1110d ago

Twisted Metal 3 was my favorite. So good.

Relientk771110d ago

Been enjoying this game since PS1

RyanDJ1110d ago

2 was the best: it was our "new year's eve" game two years in a row, that's saying something.

3 and 4 were very blah, thanks to the split off of SingleTrac. I much prefer their other two games that utilized the same engine. Rogue Trip was interesting, adding even more dark humor. And whilst not given as much respect, I loved the slow pacing and capture-the-flag attitude of Critical Depth.

BlackTar1871110d ago

Vigilante 8 was also a lot of fun

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