Ranting about Sony is getting old... waxes poetic about the state of Sony's PSN. NOT a Fiction Friday article.

From the article: "Today's PlayStation Store update looked pretty magnificent. There was the usual collection of new Rock Band and Guitar Hero III downloadable songs, some pointless-but-thanks-anyway Nascar '09 car skins, lots and lots of pretty wallpapers and a rather special PlayStation Home theme that, much like the one that launched on the Japanese store last week, gives those who download it the chance to participate in an brand new expanded beta of the application.

All looking fantastic then! Except I'm not talking about my own PlayStation Store. I've had to go and praise the one on the other side of the Atlantic in my constant battle to try and say something nice about Sony, and as you can probably tell, it's not going very well.

Oh, and Qore's out too, but that's Qore and nobody cares. Jump time."

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PS360WII3751d ago

Well really ranting about any of the 3 is getting old

Timesplitter143751d ago

yup I was about to say that

GiantEnemyCrab3751d ago

I think if you ask 360 EU owners they feel a bit left out as well. This isn't a PSN only issue. Both need to step it up for our European brothers/sista's.

MazzingerZ3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I used to own a X360 and the video market place practically didn't exist but still payed full fee. Demos were released pretty much at the same time as in the US but if you were XBL silver demos were locked a week, but this applied globally including the US..I think silver members can't even message anymore from any theme or wallpaper costed MS points

I don't have anything against the PSN, it's free. period. I get Demos, PSN games, videos, themes, wallpapers, eveything for free...people complains for what the US gets even if they get also's like if you guys in the US complained about what Japan gets...those PSStore updates are not published as the US / PAL's otherwise we will also be comparing

I could care less about what is released in the US maybe that's why when I see what the PAL store, MY store got, I'm happy with it...that attitude is childish, to want what the others have...if you don't pay for it, you should be happy for all we get, as a former XBL member I really appreaciate the service, I'm amazed it is still for free

This is a REALLY OLD topic, IMO is more a bad habit than anything else...those kids/people see others complaining and they do the's like the phrase "The PS3 doesn't have any games", "The PSN doesn't have demos"...etc, etc. bad habits, phrases that people repeats just because the friends said so...they have yet to play on a PS3 but for them that some user called "XxxXCRAZYBULLXXxxX" wrote it is like is written in the bible

Still_Breathing3751d ago

Nice comments, bubbles up.
I am naturally, a complainer.
But, to be happy with what you get, is a good philosophy that I try to live by.

toughNAME3751d ago

Hopefully Sony sees all these anti-Sony articles and realize they need to step it up.

Get to work Sony!

Surfman3751d ago

you should stop talking

juuken3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )


Perhaps when Microsoft sees every RROD article, they should step *their* game up and get to work on making sure this problem never happens again.

See, look what I did there.

And Sony has been stepping their game up. They've done a whole lot better than they did back in 2006/2007. It's people like you who want to see them fail constantly.

TheDeadMetalhead3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

All that time MS spends telling people to shut up about rrod could be spent actually FIXING IT!! I mean, they keep saying that it's fixed and 2 or 3 days later what do you know? It's back.

I REALLY doubt that I'm getting a 360 now because if it rrods then I'm in trouble because I don't have a lot of money...yet. -__-

Aclay3751d ago

Well, Europe has almost always been the ones getting stuff last when it comes to games... the only PS3 game that I can think of that came out first in Europe and later in the U.S. is GT5P. Europe has been very good to Sony's gaming division and PS3 sales are doing great over there, Sony definantly needs to do a better job with keeping Europe happy and ensure that they get the same treatment as everywhere else.

Tobias1233750d ago

I agree completely. I'm a North American gamer, but I have friends in Europe and just seeing in general the way European ps3 owners are treated is kind of shameful. As the article stated, SCEA and SCEJ are both impressive, so it really shouldn't be difficult for Sony Europe to step up it's game.

ShinMaster3751d ago

Dude, no one should ever listen to SarcasticGamer, period.

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