Gamers Universe: Dragon Age: Origins Preview

Gamers Universe writes: "Despite the publicity-friendly implications of the subtitle and despite the odd obligatory titbit of awe-struck PR, Bioware isn't really trying to pass Dragon Age: Origins off as original. "Spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate" is a phrase that has been bandied around a lot, and the similarities with that ageing classic are there for all to see.

It's medieval-fantasy-o-clock, a generation of men wearing fat spiky shoulder pads are under threat from a cookie-cutter Orcish menace, and your character – a member of the enigmatic Grey Wardens – is cast into the thick of the fray. Moral choice, a concept dear to Bioware's heart, is in full force here: you can rob passers-by, or shield them from the wicked; free imprisoned wretches, or leave them to rot; restore lost puppies to their owners, or boot them into a furnace."

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