More adjustments to Age of Conan's new PvP system

Massively reports: Last night a new patch went to Age of Conan's Testlive server. As well as making the usual slew of fixes and changes, including addressing memory leak and crash problems, and introducing a revamped version of the Catacombs in Old Tarantia, there were some tweaks to the PvP consequence system.

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Cysquatch3756d ago

Face it Funcom, AoC is a failure. Its a glorified paid beta that is riddled with problems. Not to mention the arrogant mods on the official forums that will ban your account if you say anything negative about the game. Stick a fork in ya. You're done!

*patiently waiting for Warhammer*

Prismo_Fillusion3756d ago

Amen, brotha. Played AoC for its first month, and it was a complete joke the entire time.

The Lazy One3756d ago

had the best launch of any MMO besides WoW.

It's not a failure, WoW is just much more a success.

They should add criminal NPCs though. It would be cool to have a whole other underworld to the game.