Star Wars: Battlefront Gets a Metric Ton of Fantastic Screenshots and Explosive Gameplay Footage

Today Electronic Arts released a metric ton of videos, artwork and screenshots of Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Kribwalker958d ago

Pretty excited to get my 10hrs free access to the game to give it a shot next Thursday. See if it's really worth the money or a 6 month wait and get it free on access after. Unless I can get in game testing at EA and get it free there

OB1Biker958d ago

I really doubt youd get it for free after only 6 months.. If so wait for it then :D

Kribwalker958d ago

The only game on EA access that was longer then 6 months was dragon age (hardline was like 1 week more then 6 months) so I do like my odds

PSIN4MANT958d ago

Staring at the unlock timer on PS4 like a dork, waiting...

TeamLeaptrade958d ago

This looks so good. I cannot wait to play it!

Omnisonne958d ago

Love that backflip in the 4th video

OB1Biker958d ago

Wow. Had my jaw dropping all the while watching this.. just wow.
So close now. :D

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