PlayStation LifeStyle: Interview with doublesix games

PlayStation LifeStyle recently had a chance to speak with Jim Mummery, creative director of doublesix games.

doublesix recently won the prestigious "Best New UK/European Studio" award at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards. So I am sure you all can see why we are so excited to present our readers with this interview.

First off I would like to thank you on behalf of the staff and readers of PlayStation LifeStyle for taking the time to answer our questions.

d6: It's our pleasure. We're a new studio and we appreciate the chance to talk about what we do. So, thank you.

Why doublesix games? Is there a meaning behind the name or does it just sound cool (sounds pretty catchy to us)?

d6: The easiest way to explain it is to use that old board game staple: when you throw a double six you're allowed to have another go. We want to make games that are quick to pick up and hard to put down – games that inspire that 'just one more go' mentality where playing again is its own reward – that's kind of the studio philosophy – hence the name.

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Sev3602d ago

Please come to our site and comment to show your support of these new and talented developers.

BlackIceJoe3602d ago

Hey Sev I just wanted to say great interview and I hope to see many more like this one.

Panipal20053602d ago

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Ice2ms3602d ago

When Are The Hardware 2 screens Being released ?

Dunno If I should get hyped for it

Panipal20053602d ago

@ Ice2ms

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Panipal20053601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

He prefers keeping his dirty laundry 'hidden' which is why he sent me the following PM, in which he didn't say anything he couldn't have said in public - if he had any guts that is.

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StalkingSilence3602d ago

Woo hoo - this is the first we've heard of these 2 new games (Underfire and Burn Zombie Burn!) and the fact that they will include trophy support! Add them to your lists!