IGN: Warriors Orochi 2 Hands-On

The original Warriors Orochi, which saw a release on a number of platforms a few months ago, brought characters from two of KOEI's franchises together: the warriors of the Dynasty Warriors series as well as those from the Samurai Warriors series. The sword-filled mash-up revolved around the idea that the Demon Lord, Orochi, was shattering space and time (they often do that) in order to test his might against the greatest heroes of the ages.

At KOEI's Media Day event yesterday, IGN was able to get some hands-on time with the upcoming sequel, Warriors Orochi 2. Planned for a release this September 23rd for the PS2 and 360,

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Zerodin3756d ago

The graphics are pretty low end, but I've always loved the style of gameplay these have had.