TGR Review: Wii Fit - "Better than Nothing"

TGR - "In some ways, the American obsession with health is almost comical. As the world's fattest nation, we're always mesmerized by the newest gimmick promising to give us smaller bellies, a tighter butt, or bigger biceps. Problem is, these quick-fix schemes never work, and our national obesity rate marches ever higher as we munch on fast food meals packed with enough calories to handle our bodily needs for a week, all the while sitting on the couch wondering why the people on TV look so much better than we do. Now, Nintendo has decided to get a piece of the fitness action with the wildly popular Wii Fit, and while it's no panacea for your weight woes, used regularly it's not a bad supplement to more strenuous exercise."

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cain1413752d ago

I think this will be counter productive. People will feel like they are exercising more than they really are and just gain weight from eating more or doing real exercise less...

Relin3752d ago

People who expect this game to do wonders for their physical health are delusional. Fitness isn't something you get from a few weeks of Wii Fit, and while some extra training doesn't hurt, it's gotta be part of something larger.

I can't believe it doesn't let you design your own workout, or your own yoga session; talk about dropping the ball. Too bad it'll still sell oodles, maybe Nintendo could learn a thing or two about good design.