LittleBigNewsSite Announcement

Mark Valleder, on the writes: "First off … thanks for the great comments on our first official LittleBigPlanet post on the blog. We love when the PlayStation community shows its passion for gaming and hope it carries over to LBP. We know you guys have a lot of questions … and over time (please be patient) we'll get to answering them so you know everything about the game. "How" you ask?"

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Dissidia3755d ago

Sounds great can't wait for LBP this October.

Chris Bosh3755d ago

They have to have a site.

Freak of Nature3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I need details please, about importing content from your HDD to use in the game, like file formats and size,resolution...Is this in,or do we only get the PS eye option?

Will their be gravity and liquids,liquids,and more liquids?

Mc Fadge3755d ago

They've implied many times that you can't use images from your HDD, only PSEye in your levels. The reason is thought to be copyright issues and content control :<

By gravity do you mean gravity options? I'm not sure about that, but they did say they could make liquid, if the demand is there. They're going to try to adhere to the fan base's requests :3