Aeropause Visits EA for Dead Space Community Days

Aeropause, along with several other blog and horror sites, got a chance to head up to EA Redwood City to see and play through their new upcoming Survival Horror title, Dead Space. Along the way, we had time with the development team and producer for Dead Space.

"Gameplay has been quite nice, with Dead Space definitely taking a cue from several horror and space faring movies, yet putting a unique spin on the whole genre. Our time was split over three diffferent levels of the game. The first segment was embargoed, but it involved the first level of the game, and was a lot of fun, but not much else can be said at this time. Our second segment focused on the different weapons you can get in the game, upgrades that can be added to your suit at Upgrade Workbenches, and new and improved types of creatures for you to attack."nnel.

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