IGN UK: Fallout 3 Opinion

Every detail IGN has witnessed to date of Fallout 3 promises something special, and it's a game that threatens to consume their every waking thought once it finally sees the light of day this October. IGN has previously been captive to a guided and therefore strictly controlled tour of the game's Vault-bound opening, with Bethesda's own Peter Hines at the controls, and they left impressed but with more questions than answers. While today goes some way to answering some of these, it's also an infuriating tease for a game that will only prove itself over weeks, nay months of play.

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kittoo3779d ago

I was getting worried cause it got some negative previews near E3.
Excited about it!!!!

La Chance3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

for the first time...a week ago.Before that I simply couldnt understand what the hype was about since never played fallout before
It actually looks huge.But I heard it was differant from the other fallouts.
Anyway that e3 trailer actualy got me excited for the game