Albert Pennello on all things Xbox

Mundorare: We met with Albert Pennello last July 14th during the Xbox Holiday Showcase in New York City. While taking a break after playing Banjo and Piñata, we sit down with him to discuss all things Xbox right after Microsoft's media conference in Los Angeles. Although he was eager to share his excitement about Microsoft's plans for late 2008, not all our questions got a clear answer. "The what controller?" he replied when inquired about the Darwin, Microsoft's long rumoured motion sensitive controller. "Never heard of it". A mischievous smile in his face betrayed his words. He knew what we were talking about, but it wasn't the right time to ask about it.

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toughNAME3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Ethics, morals, and I'm sure a few laws were broken during this long process. But Microsoft the Innovator has finally brought Final Fantasy to the Xbox 360.

Who benefits? Xbox 360 gamers. Microsoft is in it for the gamers and that is a-okay with me.

sonarus3783d ago

lol why the hell is he assuring us its not because of money.

Fragking283783d ago

because people constantly insist that its because of moeny the microsoft has ff13 now

La Chance3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I dont know why people hope so hard that MSFT paid for it.

If you step back a bit , and actually look at the whole thing : game not even coming out in Japan , where MSFT despretaly needs it.Square complaining about the costs , moreover they already said last year they wanted there piece of the cake in the West etc.And there were rumours last year of FF13 coming to 360.Star Ocean 4 , Lst Remanant all having some kind of exclusivity , means they actually want the 360 fanbase to discover jrpgs , so they can use them later on there other products.

If MSFT paid something in this whole thing it would be for the simultanious release and not actually for the game to go multiplat.

Anybody thinking that Square never thought about bringing it to 360 too even back in the day when it was a 100% ps3 exclusive is just naive.It must have crossed their minds too many times to resist.

mabreu3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

But its not true about M$ paying extra to have the game on their system. This is just a smart economical decision on Square to broaden their market audience. If it is true about M$ paying for the port, I will loose a lot of respect for both companies. Especially Square.

BulletToothtony3783d ago

but i really hope is that the japanese version has at least subtitles cause if that's the case.. is gonna be my favorite site in 2009 :)

sonarus3783d ago

You must be high if you don't think Microsoft paid square to get FFXIII. Either high or stupid

Bubble Buddy3783d ago

or u work at Microsoft :p. I agree with bullet though, as long as they don't make the PS3 version less spectacular because of the 360, then I don't care.

MikeGdaGod3783d ago

what else could it be? more MS bs

ukilnme3783d ago

@ sonarus

You must be stupid to assume that SE does not recognize the 360's install base and that they buy a lot of games.

Tarasque3783d ago

This is one of the reasons i hate sony only fans. They are the same people as kids when they was getting beat in kickball said "I am taking my ball and going home..."

Rock Bottom3783d ago

It's all about love, friendship and trust.

Statix3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

And how much more mature is it on your part to say that you "just hate all Sony fans?"

3783d ago
Tarasque3783d ago

How about you read my post first before scanning it then typing.
My quote "This is one of the reasons i hate sony only fans". Key word in there is only. I hate liver does that make me immature? Just cause you dont like something doesnt make you immature. It is your actions and personality that does.

3783d ago
Statix3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

That doesn't really change anything. Saying that you hate "Sony-only fans" is no better and no less incendiary than saying that you "hate all Xbox-only fans." It's a flame-baiting, blanket statement/insult to make.

SCThor3783d ago

that's why Too Human is coming to PS3 too /sarcasm

Hot_tea3783d ago

ToughName you haven't changed at all.
Fanboys should be over there>>>>>>& gt;>>>>> Open zone.

foodbox3783d ago

"and I'm sure a few laws were broken during this long process"

Huh? Now they are criminals?

Please, get some perspective.

deeznuts3783d ago

He said it's not because of money. He DID NOT SAY microsoft never paid any money.

Square to Microsoft, "We want to break exclusivity, and put this game on your console. Will you pay us if we do?"

MS, "Of course."

Tarasque3783d ago

Exactly, There is nothing to change it is what it is. If you want to twist my words into a flamebait then so be it. But the thing is i dont dislike 360 only fans so it is not the same to me. I like macncheese but i hate generic macncheese, kinda fits in the same shoe. 360 only fans and sony only fans are 2 different types of flavors but it is about the same thing "Hence my macnchesse".

Genesis53783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

FF XIII is on the 360 because of the success of what about 100 million dollars can buy you. If it was the success of the console they would have already been working on a 360 version long before this. To think anything else is just not using the powers of reasoning.

RememberThe3573783d ago

They want to sell more copies of the game, meaning they get more money... How is that hard concept to grasp? Jesus people.

Genesis53783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Yes but I don't think SE just up and decided to spend their own money and make a 360 version. The thing that irks me is now I have to wait even longer for the PS3 edition because of MS cheque book.

Fine make one for the 360 just don't hold the PS3's back until it's done.

rubarb233783d ago

it's on the 360 now, live with it.

bpac1234567893783d ago

YOU SMELL THAT? it smells like BS. Microsoft pulled a few million out of there couches and paid for this exclusive, i don't care what anybody says.

JBaby3433783d ago

Even if MS did not pay SE both companies saw the potential for sales on the 360 so they are making a port... still money. It's always about money. Greedy companies only wanting money.



Willio3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Im sorry but please dont be ignorant and state MS didnt pay for FF13 just because a MS rep stated it of all people. Any people with a logical sense of reality noticed MS has been openly buying exclusives and transforming it into multiplatforms. Worse yet, MS bragged about the situation with a target list such as aiming Konami's MGS4. The history trend of MS's tactic to copy and paste only led to this assumption or the fact that they did buyout the contract breach, so dont blame the majority for believing it to be true. The matter of fact is the fact that we have no facts. We can only assume from practice trends. Furthermore, why would MS even bother to release a statement to defend themselves when its only an assumption when they have paid unlimited amount of funds for other games?

Sarick3783d ago

Don't you think SE would be doing the same for the 360 exclusives if it really was based on the success of the console.

It's like when he makes this statement he knows very well several 360 exclusives aren't going to the PS3.

So is the PS3 not successful enough to get some 360 exclusives ported over or was some other influences that derailed exclusively?

sumfood4u3783d ago

All i know is FFXI came out on PS2 1st 1 1/2 years later it came on XBOX no problem but why if PS3 version is already done that we have to wait for M$ to finish that cheating the true gammers who want to play this game now! an yes BOth FFXI went mutliplatform so i dont really see why we gotta wait for M$ version when our is complete? this aggrevates me to no end!

ajeben8093783d ago

not in it for the money? then y the fark ru running a business, isnt that wat businesses do? lol

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jaysquared3783d ago

Right.. And people that play videogames have an IQ equivelant to a rocket scientist.. This was about the money.. I'm pretty sure MS payed them and on top of that they can't resist releasing their game on a console that has a userbase more than the PS3..

tplarkin73783d ago

You have no proof that MS paid for FFXIII. Fact: The 360 is the number 1 console in terms of game sales.

TOSgamer3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

He just dances around the question of payment by saying the main reason is because our console is successful. So what were the other "less important" reasons? A big fat check I'd wager was one of them.


Below: Please find and quote the part in that statement where MS denies paying for the game. Read it very careful and quote it if you do see it. I will apologize to you and anyone else that wants one. However, if you don't find anything this whole song and dance by them means absolutely nothing.

ukilnme3783d ago

@ TOSgamer

Does not look like dancing too me. He's just stating that MS did not pay for it. Believe what you must though to sleep better at night. I still don't know why the Sony "Faithful" are still so butt hurt about this. The game is still coming to the PS3.

PimpHandStrong3783d ago

but IMO they paid for same day release in NA

think about it

Tarasque3783d ago

Yeah being that sony fans know it all they dont need proof, just as long as they can make stuff up in there head it is true.

Common Sense3783d ago

If it was about the fanbase, then why are Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery not coming to the PS3. Why would they delay the launch of the Ps3 version of FFXIII in NA and EU in order to have a simultaneous release.

Money is definitely in play here. Square Enix said that FFXIII was Ps3 exclusive. 2K said Bioshock wasn't coming to the Ps3. Microsoft said 360 didn't have a 33% failure rate. Nintendo said it's console appeal to hardcore gamers. Sony said FFXIII was exclusive and Home was coming out last year.

All this are all corporate BS.

jaysquared3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

"I still don't know why the Sony "Faithful" are still so butt hurt about this. The game is still coming to the PS3. "

Very simple.. Gives them less ammo to use in the "console flame wars".. With FF13 coming to the 360 why would anybody need to buy a PS3? Unless you want blu ray or enjoy an online service that's unreliable and complicated to use but free.. Of course now PS3 fans will start hyping games up like LBP which i'm too old for but elementary kids would love it too bad their parents can't buy them a $400 console though.. or KZ2 which is way to overhyped considering how crappy the first one was.. Or Second Life 2.0 ohh i mean Home.. Resistance which is a typical FPS.. GOW3 a typical hack and slash game.. MGS IV a great movie...

foodbox3783d ago

"This was about the money.. I'm pretty sure MS payed them"

What is wrong with you people? Do you have any _evidence_ for this? This article is telling you _otherwise_.

Yes, this is about Money. This is because Square Enix cannot risk bringing a big budget title to the PS3 because PS3 attach-rates are terrible, and the Xbox 360 has a vastly larger install base.

Yes, it is about money. But MS didnt supply the cash.

It is too bad you people cant see how ridiculous you sound making things up all the time.

Sony Defence Force Go Go Go!

RememberThe3573783d ago

There is no need to prove anything. This is what we call speculation. CNN does it all the time. We all know MS throws money around to buy timed exclusives and to make games multi-plat. We know this. If your a Sony fanboy thats get f*ching annoying. If your a Xbox fanboy its great. But the problem to me is that people blame MS for a business practice that works. I personally don't like it but it is what it is. If Sony fanboys want something from Sony, such as some RPG's, they need to let them know. But you can't blame MS for whats not on the PS3, that is Sony's machine not theirs, and Sony need to take responsiblity for what is on it, good and bad.

Willio3783d ago

I tottaly agree with you about MS paying off 3rd parties is good for the general consumers but its tiring to hear naive people defending MS for no reason. Of all the MS reps, Albert Pennello has my most respect because he was possitive and not neggative towards their competitors.

Willio3783d ago

I totally agree with you about MS paying off 3rd parties is good for the general consumers but its tiring to hear naive people defending MS for no reason. Of all the MS reps, Albert Pennello has my most respect because he was possitive and not neggative towards their competitors.

Sarick3783d ago

Seems he stated this in general.
It's not about money: Translation "We didn't pay them."

When he says it isn't about money but A bigger install base he's forgetting that the 360 exclusives would benefit as well on the PS3. Question I have though is:

If no incentives where used to move this game multi so it would make more money, then why hasn't SE done the same for the 360 exclusives. It's obvious if they want a bigger profit by making this exclusive multi they should do the same with the 360 excusives.

With the only incentive being a bigger install base combined with "it's not anout money" it reeks of hypocrisy. Why haven't they done the same for the 360 exclusives. Maybe because there isn't enough incentive to breach the exclusive contracts. If it's only about install base and making money all those 360 exclusives would be on PS3 as well.

By saying SE did it because the 360 is successful it's like a slap in the face for the PS3. It implies that PS3 wasn't successful enough to cause the same effect to 360 exclusives.

NowGen3783d ago

1st off, last i checked the FF series is NOT owned by sony! there has been ff games on many systems, including hand helds for some time now. why does this one bother sony fans sooooo much? people say ff is a sony fans game and that xbox heads wont even play it. i say thats a load of $h!t! because im a ff fan from day one who happens to own a 360 (and ps3)now, and so are many 360 owners. so why shouldn't these people get a chance to play this great series? as well as loyal xbox fans who never played the series now may become fans of it. i dont see the problem. how many sony heads are gonna get bio shgock when it comes out? i'm guessing a WHOLE bunch. and its a good thing. it is a great game and i'm glad sony fans who never got a chance to experience it now will. stop with all this misplaced loyalty to hard ware. its not about the hard ware. it all about the gaming experience. and when you boil it all down, where all the same here people. so stop following that same tried and true ugly human habit of segregating and separating each other into groups, and start to realize that where all just people who love to play video games and maybe get over all these stupid predgious tendencies.

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Fishy Fingers3783d ago

If your submitting a story, submit the source

We dont need spoon feeding.

blackbeld3783d ago

Doesn't matter we all know FF-series PLAYS better and smoother on the PS3 version, cause they just port it to the 360, so 360 fanboys are already bashing this game. 360 boys are more likes for shooting games so it realy doesn't matter. And they already know KZ2 is a must have shooter game. so they already cry inside. they just have to stick with gears of war 1.5, So... its so sad for 360 fanboys.

katana5233782d ago

wouldnt it be great if sony then pays for full exclusivity of ffXIV? that is to say if it does become the greatest final fantasy then 360 rpgers get a taste of goodness and have to get a ps3 to play the next...

TVC153782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )


anyways final fantasy sucks

power of Green 3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

WoW although I'v been following SE talks about the Western market for (2)years, I assumed MSFT atleast payed for *same day releases* in the markets they do get the game in.
A very smart last minute adjustment to the status of the market or today and brave for this hard-headed Japanese company.

smokeymicpot3783d ago

Then how else did the get the game

Fishy Fingers3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Do you think SE wouldnt want to port to the 360? The more potential customers the better. They dont care about Sonys or MSs cause. They want one simple thing, profit.

Given the chance and is possible SE would have this on DS, PSP, Wii the lot. They're 3rd party, they look after themselves first.

Common Sense3783d ago

Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery not coming to the PS3?

orakga3783d ago

... is a funny thing.
You point out all the obvious facts.

Also, one of the reasons why people speculate that MSFT paid for it is because they've done it for so many other titles. Proven track record.

mistertwoturbo3783d ago

Common sense usually is something obvious. It's usually something most normal people should see.

The problem is, common sense isn't so common.

This site infested by rabid fanboys don't use common sense to the extreme. And most of them don't use common sense because they choose not to.

An example, Microsoft launched 1 year ahead of the PS3 and Wii. With no competition, only the last generation machines. They sold only X amount of consoles.

PS3/Wii launches with competition from the Xbox360, and exclusive games like Gears of war etc. But the Wii still managed to outsell everything. And the PS3 managed to hit a 15 million install base in a shorter amount of time with an insanely higher price tag.

Common sense tells us that's amazing. Fanboy sense tells us the 360 is number 1 regardless of the year head start.

See how that works?

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