BingeGamer's The Bender Podcast - Episode 009

Allison is back on the bottle, James is falling asleep slowly through the podcast, Mike is giggly. We almost go through the whole episode without talking about movies……. almost.

Show notes:

*Brett Favre

*Yahoo still sucks. Hello GoDaddy!

*We are playing: Braid (XBLA), Earthbound (PocketSNES for Mobile), GTAIV (PS3), 1942: Joint Strike (XBLA)

*We are hiring an intern (Check our ad, you might be what we are looking for!)

*Little Big Planet PS3 Eye conspiracy

*PlatformNation Playapalooza (if you have a few bucks, click the link, donate, goes to Child's Play. A good cause, some good entertainment, support it!)

*Rock Revolution Track List

*Soulcalibur IV ships two million units

*Oblivion mods rule (Morrowind mod)

*Lack of Goldeneye XBLA/Wii VC (Updated News! LOL!)

*Thailand plagiarizes Top Ten Violent Games list

*'Silent Hill' scribe writing Wolfenstein script (Go rent The Prestige)

*id Software Cancels XBLA Quake

*Beat Mike in Tetris on Facebook (NOTE: YOU CAN'T DO IT, MIKE IS FULL OF TETRIS WIN)

"Fatal1ty" coming to E For All, Not PAX

*RANDOM WTF: Grandma drives with kid on roof of car!

*Final news blips: 60% Wii fit purchases go unplayed - 1 million Wiis sold in Canada - Ozzy in Guitar Hero - SOCOM beta starting - X-Play Gphoria 2008 - PS3 owners get in Home Beta


*Destructoid Eternity's Child Review (good amusing read)

*Subscribe to The Bender on iTunes - Blubrry - PodCastready link coming soon.

*Watch StepBrothers

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