PS3 sales fall in latest Japan figures

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 fell in week-to-week figures in the latest Japan retail data.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the PS3 sold 9,508 units between July 28 and Aug. 3, a decrease from 10,692 units the week prior.

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Bangadoshish3781d ago

Must be a very slow news day

theKiller3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

360 already released more JRPG's in japan then ps3 did, and with the release of "Tales of Vesperia" i wont be surprised if the sell as good as ps3 this week!!

but again its very sad to see MS releasing all these games and japanese still not buying the 360, well i dont blame them for it, no one want to buy a faulty system and here i dont want to troll but its the truth that no one can deny it!! I for instance will never buy something that am not sure how many weeks or months i need to wait until i take it to the repair center!!

jaysquared3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

takes a week after sending it in. So i would say at the most 2 weeks. 3 days for the box to get there and 7 business days after that according to an earlier article posted here. So jump in.. I do understand where your coming from though one of the reasons I didn't buy a PS2 was because of DVD laser problems they were having.. I didn't hesistate to get a 360 after M$ put on the 3 year RROD cover on it..

Nope cant say that about the 360.. my original xbox is still alive after 6 years.. But if your scared about RROD you have a 3 year warranty that goes with it..

theKiller3781d ago

i bought the ps2 in 2001 i never had problem accept when i modded my ps2! and the only problem was that the DVD razer didnt read the copied games always so only i had to restart my ps2 to work, and its working until now!!

now can u say that about the 360? to work with u for 7 years and more?

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jaysquared3781d ago

What do people expect when games that Japanese people love(JRPG) are on a console they hate(360)so they are pretty much SOL!

gaffyh3781d ago

Yeah it's cos of Tales of Vesperia, I expect PS3 to be last in sales next week because of that game. Only other time that happened was when Ace Combat came out.

La Chance3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

they got Valkyria but didnt care about it.
Maybe WKS.Looks more like a game that can appeal.

Otherwise...hasnt anybody just thought that the Wii was is what they need overthere ?

Casual games sell more than anything else overthere so the Wii is maybe like the messiah or something.

Premonition3781d ago

Excuse my language but sony needs to step that sh*t up in japan.

juuken3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

I agree, but don't forget there are rpg's coming for the PS3.

I suppose the naysayers want Sony to fail but Valkyria is one rpg for the PS3 and it's looking good so far.

thewhoopimen3781d ago

Sony does have JRPG / Strategy titles in Japan that you won't see in the US. Look up their JP store. Lots of games that would make you scratch your head. Like the 'Summer Vacation 3' title... O_O

jaysquared3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

If that's true then Japanese people just don't like the PS3 and perfer the wii..

@below- Yeah but compare Japanese sales of the PS2 vs the PS3..
Actually here i did it for you..

So you should be checking your facts before calling people mentally ill because you just make yourself look dumber..

Yes VGchartz I pulled that card. Either way you look at it the PS3 isn't selling as well as the PS2.. I mean even the 360 is selling better than the original Xbox. You can laugh because it is funny considering how badly the 360 is doing but its a fact!! So at least M$ can say they are doing better this gen than last. Of course nintendo is doing a lot better than the gamecube. So what's wrong with the PS3 not selling as much as the PS2? Probably the price and the fact japanese people don't have JRPGs on the system.

Overr8ed3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Are you mentally ill? The Ps3 sales drop buy 1,000. Of course it may sound like much but it really isnt compared to how much they are still sold in one week. 10,000 units sold is a lot of units and 9,000 is still a lot for a place like Japan. So they Do prefer the Ps3, As for the Wii, well everyone Prefers the Wii, even Russians were the Wii Play's them.

VGChartz... wow great comeback, now am going to go to my little corner and cry.

jaysquared3781d ago

"10,000 units sold is a lot of units and 9,000 is still a lot for a place like Japan.

You showed how much you lacked in intelligence if you think that's alot for Japan. Lets do the math here 10,000 units x 52 weeks a year = 520,000 x 5 years (typical console life)= 2.6 million units. Your really think Sony would be happy at just selling 2.6 million units in Japan when they have sold 40 plus million units with the PS2 in Japan alone? 10,000 units a week is not going to cut it for Sony. But then again with Sony losing money for each PS3 they sell this could taken as good news as well..

Rhezin3781d ago

It's only gonna get worse now the 360 has a price cut half the ps3 price. You're f!cking screwed, idiot.

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