X-Play G-Phoria 08: Best Online Multiplayer

Morgan Webb presents the winner of Best Online Multiplayer from G-Phoria 2008.

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socomnick3752d ago

Yea cod 4 had good online multiplayer but it is far too repetitive. Halo 3 wins for me hands down. What amazed me is that that crappy game MGO got nominated that game is just crap.

Nykamari3752d ago

Hands Down Warhawk has the BEST-ONLINE GAMEPLAY!!!!!! Just too many ways to play it, Maps are awesome especially if find the perfect mix of game modes. It will suck you in for HOURS!!!! SIMPLY IT'S A BEAST :}

BlackTar3752d ago

So Halo 3 won GOTY and 1/2 the comments were because of MP but then it didnt win MP award LOL. just goes to show what crap viewer voting is and how anything that wins on this show is jargon. LOL what a pile of crap of awards to hand out. HALO 3 best game mainly because of MP COD4 best MP game ironic.

BlackTar3752d ago

Maybe you didnt understand my point. People get all worked up over what won btui viewer voting is ridiculus is all bias. Say what you will call me names but everyone knows viewer voting is about as eff. and accurate as a blind guy shooting a arrow. Im wasnt dissing anyone or crying I just laugh when its viewer voting and 1/2 the comments are about it won becasue of MP modes but then it didnt even win the best MP game. its just funny to me thats all.

silverchode3752d ago

yes it is ironic but what can you do.

dro3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

---------> opean zone --------> (-_-)

on topic cod4 is hands down the best multiplayer game,i got mgs4 and the online play is not as fun as cod4 but the single player game is AMAZING.mgo was designed to be played like a stealth game which is what true mgs fans like,but im more of a run and shoot player so cod4 wins for me while halo3 comes second then gta4 is 3rd.

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