Rumor:Too Human Pre-Orders over 1 Million

Looks like Denis Dyack is well on his way to being redeemed in the eyes of gamers everywhere, w/ Too Human having the most Demo downloads of any game this gen and now with a rumored 1 million+ Pre-Orders for the game Too Human is set to sell huge when it releases.

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jaysquared3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Huh.. guess the game isn't a flop like most of the people here on n4g thought it would. And we all know what this site is full of..

edit- I never said sales determines if the game is great or not. How many units are sold does determine if the game/system flops. Remember when the PS3 first came out and nobody was buying it? Everybody and their grandma was calling it a flop and it was then Sony got desperate and dropped the price by $100 only after 6 months on the market...

"it doesn't really matter if a game is great at the end of the day. if it sells well and makes money, that was silicon knights goal."

In a business standpoint you are correct.. In a developer standpoint its a whole different story. I'm pretty sure all developers out there want their game to be the next Zelda Ocarina of time but doesn't happen that way. So at the end of the day its about having money to keep your company a float.

Chandresh Patel3778d ago

Sales will always mean a game is great.


shotputking3778d ago

it doesn't really matter if a game is great at the end of the day. if it sells well and makes money, that was silicon knights goal.

SuperM3778d ago

eh, the ONLY thing that matters to us is that the game is great. If a crap game sells well then you are likely to see more crap games, so you aint making no sence.

n4gzz3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Not that i have anything against Too Human but If demo download is just over million there is no way pre orders are million ++
I am buying a copy when it goes on sale but not paying 60 + tax
Simple statistics
1 demo download = 1/5 pre-order.

Bleucrunch3778d ago

this game is gonna be wack. You heard from me.

dan-boy3778d ago

i've not pre-ordered it but will be getting it on day 1, and i know atleast 10 others on my friend list who are getting it also.

streeks:---> open zone is that way, join the bottom feeders there.

Daxx3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

First review, a score of 93/100. Over 1 million pre-orders.

Too Human: 2
Haters: 0

deeznuts3778d ago

Won't be a commercial flop. But then I don't own or make money off Silicon Knights profits so I don't really care. I just want to know if it'll be a critical flop or not.

Assassins creed is widely panned as a good idea, bad execution game. Yet that thing sold like 5 millie or something.

Megatron083778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

@n4gzz I know a good number of people that are going to buy the game that didnt actually download the game. A few of them dont use marketplace at all a couple of busy with jobs and family and dont get much time to play so they dont bother with demo or trailers.

It might not have a million pre orders but I think the game will break a million sold easy. I could see the game starting some what slow and then keep selling based off word of month.

BTW deeznuts AC is very solid game and fun to play it might not been everything it was hype to be but its far from being a bad game

foodbox3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

@1 & 1.1

The previews have been stellar.
The first review, was 93/100.
Pre-orders are over 1,000,000.

So, when the game gets great reviews... its a hit.

And, Too Human is a hit.

It will be Action/Adventure Game of the Year 2008 from many places.

All this "moving the goalposts" to try and spread anti-Too Human FUD is just ridiculous. Face it, It is going to do VERY well, and it is WELL deserved.

I didnt pre-order it, but I'll be buying it Day #1.

gaffyh3778d ago

Too Human looks crap to me, I thought it looked good at one point until I saw the gameplay videos. There are a lot of games that have come out that aren't that great e.g. Halo 3, GTA4, but they got very high (hyped) review scores. I suspect that the same thing is happening with this game, say what you want about MS, but they KNOW how to hype a game.

n4gzz3778d ago

I agree with you dude. It will pass million sale but 1 million pre-order is just not true looking at demo download stats.

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Boink3778d ago

the loss of 4 player co-op kinda killed it for me.

I will likely rent it though

green3778d ago

If you played the demo you would realize that 4 player co-op would be too confusing.

dro3778d ago

i see ur cod4 display pic! my psn id is jon_abobo. add me and get owned ;D

dachiefsman3778d ago

I think they took it out cause it would have made the game too easy.

Viktor E3778d ago

Creating false hype for a certified Failure is their norm

jaysquared3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Yup I can honestly say that M$ stole that from the best in the industry... Sony..

End Of war 23778d ago

HONESTLY we xbox fans must thank the ps3 droids for hyping all our exclyusive they dont undertand ANY PRESS BAD OR GOOD IS GOOD PRESSS HAHAH MORE PPEOPLE HAVE EHARD OF THIS GAME thank to you thanks +)

Microsoft_Spokesman3778d ago

We're hyping it because we have nothing better to do than trying to humiliate Sony and out speak them, which we fail at.

Now, let me go back and create the RROD for our next xbox: Blue Block of Death, BBOD.

morganfell3778d ago

Let them create false hype. Those morons can't learn from the first time they showed TH at E3 and were laughed off the stage. Create false hype and all that means is you have further to fall when you go down.

Shane Kim3778d ago

Over 1 million dissapointed butts.

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Viktor E3778d ago

We will witness the "E.T-Atari fiasco" all over again,with millions of unsold Too Human copies being buried in the Sands of America

Bangadoshish3778d ago

What with them outsourcing everything to India as of late

Microsoft_Spokesman3778d ago

Shhhh! Who told you about out plan, Mr.Victor?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3777d ago

Know what's funny? all the comments that follow nasim are nasim.

Bangadoshish3778d ago

Too Human,more pre-orders than Gears of War?please

Atomic3778d ago

Denis Dyack went to Gamestop and single handedly preordered 1 million copies.
this is the only explanation