When Advertising Goes Too Far

While product placement can be traced back to early movies and radio, the digital world we live in today gives companies ample opportunity to send us images of trucks we should buy, what computers we should use and even what movies to watch. While previous advertisements within movies and television could easily be ignored, it's now becoming more blatant, intrusive and becoming part of our gaming life.

Paramount Pictures and Massive Inc. recently launched the first in-game advertising campaign. This "game", which is included in Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 from July 18th 2008 through August 25th 2008, is an advertisement for the upcoming movie Tropic Thunder. Gamers will get to see a series of nine clues in this scavenger hunt type game. Each clue will lead them to a new clue until they have completed the scavenger hunt.

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mperdomo3752d ago

So now we need an adblock product for games.

Born2BK1NG3752d ago

looks like Resident evil 5 in the pix...kikikikiki