LittleBigPlanet will be "hardware seller" claims Sony

It's certainly one of the more innovative titles in development, but Sony believes Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet will also prove a big driver in hardware sales this autumn as the battle for market share intensifies.

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Zerodin3755d ago

I have learned to distrust Sony, and all that they say.

AngryXbot3755d ago

who bash and hate everyday of their insignificant existence.

LBP will be a hardware seller. And knowing that, Sony is not "publishing" the game to the PC like you fking morons claimed.

So get that straight, turds. Best games only available for the PS3. PS3 is where its at. 360 is a RROD machine.

The Wood3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

please understand that we don't give a fcuk and neither does the manufacturer who's console has been outselling its main competitor worldwide for a long time now

juuken3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Since 2005, I have never met a bunch of sorry ass, brainwashed buffoons like 360 fanatics. They eat, breath, sleep, sh*t, piss on every single damn thing PS3 related even though it's good news.

You are a failure. Never reproduce.

Let me say it much louder.


Ali_The_Brit3755d ago

afer 30% of all there consoles down right break, iv learnt to distruss microsoft, and all that they sell.

AllroundGamer3755d ago

omg you nailed it, wanted to write the same comment :)

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Splenda143755d ago

there are going to market the LBP so much

Irishrocket693755d ago

every game that SONY puts out is suppose to be a hardware seller! But if it is not, then what can move PS3s MGS4? I think not.

TOSgamer3755d ago

with probably 1/3 the marketing spent.

Sez 3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

wow dude. i think you are reaching on that one. halo boosted 360 hardware numbers for three months. MGS4 didn't have that same effect. i know you wanted it to. but it just didn't. if you want check the numbers.

@below. nope. i mean aug-nov. if you would have checked. you would have realized that the 360 got a boost in sells from aug-nov.

TOSgamer3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

You mean Oct and Nov 2k7? There may be an argument for Oct. But Nov? I'm sorry dude but that month normally sees a boost regardless. Its called the start of the Holiday season...

TOSgamer3755d ago

If you would have check you would have noticed that Aug was when MS did their price drop. A price drop creating a boost in sales? Hard to believe but its probably true.

Sez 3755d ago

MS didn't drop the price in aug. sony drop the price in july and it didn't help them. again you are reaching. MS knew that halo would boost sells of the 360. and it did from aug-nov. please get your fact together. ok it helps

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PimpHandStrong3755d ago

i like #1

i lost all trust in Sony in 2005! lol

Yea because lord knows the PS2 wasnt pumping out the games!

I also like Irishrocket69 take on system sellers!

I know Sony told the world they think these games are systems sellers! Siren, PixelJunk games, Echo Chrome, MLB The Show and blah blah blah......btw rocket are you saying MGS4 wasnt a system mover?


i wouldnt buy a PS3 for LBP but i know more then a handful of ppl that will buy it for Socom!

Irishrocket693754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

but I don't think in the amounts that SONY thought it would be. The people who bought the bundle were people who wanted to upgrade their system, and people who were holding out on the PS3 in the first place, which still was not huge, a blip, but not an explosion.

IzKyD13313755d ago

this story is already being attacked by the 360 fanboys.....guys, you add nothing to the discussion, just go somewhere

Irishrocket693754d ago

Then stay out of 360 articles you tool!

Playstation Man3754d ago

The 360 stories suck, so they come here with their OH NOES LBP IS TEH KILLER-APP OF IMAGINATION 360 teh defense of teh crap garbage teh suck console. 360 is teh suck. XBOTS are teh suck.

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