Street Fighter Online Puts A... Special Item In The Store

Destructoid writes, "I'll admit it, I don't really know much about Street Fighter Online. Hell, I don't know much about Street Fighter besides what I've played of SFII and the characters who are in Marvel vs. Capcom. But I do know perverted Japanese things. You can rest assured on that one."

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Zerodin3661d ago

Sh!tting d!ck nipples?

Enigma_20993660d ago

... you DO know there are pics of REAL girls on tha intranetz, right?

Baba19063660d ago

you do know that humans are naked under there cloth, right?

thereapersson3660d ago

"...and you'll be the only one to see them, as you sit in your dark room, illuminated only by the monitor light, with an overflowing garbage can and lack of pants. Enough with the flashbacks, though..."


theusedfake3660d ago

oh these little perv kids and their battle
arena toshinden graphics and see through
computer clothing