Atomic Gamer Preview: Mirror's Edge

Matt Cabral reports:

''This year's E3 was packed with the expected assortment of shooters, sequels, and sports titles. But, despite a lack of abundant fresh content, a few games did stand out from the me-too pack; Electronic Arts, once considered the creativity-starved, money-hungry makers of familiar fare like Madden and movie-licensed titles, offered one of the show's most promising new properties with Mirror's Edge. Coming from DICE, the folks behind the Battlefield franchise, is a title so original it's hard to place in an existing genre. At first glance Mirror's Edge looks like another been-there, done-that action game, but that's only about two-thirds right; you see, while it absolutely frames its action in a first-person perspective, shooting is not the order of the day.

Playing as an agile and acrobatic female named Faith, players are tasked with tackling just as many obstacles as any first-person game, but the usual supersoldiers, zombies and aliens of other titles have been replaced with different types of challenges. Faith is a Runner-sort of like a bicycle messenger, but much cooler. Instead of a bike she uses her athleticism, and rather than lame packages, she carries items containing top-secret info and other such things that could get her killed if they landed in the wrong hands. Living in a big-brother-like futuristic society, she's part of a rebellion that's not pleased with the government's massive surveillance and privacy-intruding methods.''

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