Game Vortex Reviews: We Love Golf!

Game Vortex writes:

Although the control scheme works, it's hard to shake the feeling that you're just going through the motions - literally. Swing control isn't 1:1 motion (basically, your Wii-mote movement perfectly matches in-game movement) and the force you put behind your swing doesn't matter. I can understand the lack of 1:1, though the only thing that matters as far as the power behind your swing goes is where you stop the meter, so it really isn't that far beyond the standard three-button press system that's been around for years.

We Love Golf! isn't the end all be all motion-controlled golf experience most players have been hoping for, but as far as the Wii's current crop of golf games goes, it is one of the best available. Players looking for a more hardcore, sim experience will be disappointed, but if you're in the market for light-hearted fun, We Love Golf! is a good fit.

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