New Warhawk Boosterpack "Operation Fallen Star" in August

Austrian website have some Information about the new Warhawk Boosterpack.

The Keyfacts are:
The Name of the Boosterpack is: Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star.
It´s possible to use Jetpacks and you can also fire while you are in the air.
The name of the Jetpack is: Icarus Mk. I

The release for the new Boosterpack is expected in August.
More Information on the new Boosterpack should be available soon.

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TheHater3780d ago

Is it me, or is warhawk the most supported online game this generation? There has been several important update, and two add that add really great contents for this game. Also with this add-on, and the new update coming this August, this game keep getting better and better.

DarkBlade3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

They said that they were going to support warhawk until people tend to get bored of it. And it seem that not a lot of people are bored of it yet. I like how they keep the fans busy with there new add-on

socomnick3780d ago

If by most supported you mean the game that rips people off the most then year. 10 dollars for a map and 1 vehicle cmon.

DViOUS1ONE3780d ago

to be honest the first two boosterpacks excited me and then after awhile no one was playing the maps specially "omega dawn", but hopefully this one will be better cause the big air ship was a good idea, but then people started figuring out to kill with a bunch of planes and then it just became a sitting target

kinggeoff3780d ago

The best supported title this generation DEFINITELY goes to Burnout Paradise. Extra missions, extra modes, ADDING BIKES!!, day/night cycles, AND weather FX. Also a rumored AIRPLANE expansion...

best part? ALL FREE. Criterion is showing DEVs how to REALLY win over an audience. Not charging 10$ for little "booster packs" to further segregate the online community for that game, since some players will have bought the "addons" and MANY will have not.

olivia3780d ago

couldn't say bettermyself.strongly agree

SmokeyMcBear3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I may just be in the dark here... but what other game implements extra vehicles into combat.

Maybe you are just used to 3 maps for 10 bucks (or more) that are just remakes of old maps

edit.. oops didnt see the extra bikes in burnout... i was referring to shooters.

solidt123780d ago

You said brother! Every DLC pack as added another great aspect to the gameplay and brings everybody right back in to playing Warhawk. The team working on this game is great.

rroded3780d ago

ya all the boosters so far have been great this one should b interesting with jetpacks n all I just hope that they put out a patch so we can play all the new vehicles and features on any map. Dropships APC's Jetpacks o my!
Also anyone else think jetpacks sound a little suicidal?

PimpDaddy3780d ago

I was able to save a little cheddar by doing that. I wonder if I should have waited now :(

Oh well. If any of you guys play WarHawk, hit me up. My PSN ID is listed on my profile.

I'm looking forward to using a rocket launcher/jet pack combo.

Nuclearfish3780d ago

@kinggeoff - The Warhawk booster packs are never a rip-off. The previous two have each added a new map (both of which were huge and had several different layouts) and a new vehicle. And the vehicles aren't just there for the sake of it, but change the way you play the game.

In my opinion it would be a rip-off if they were charging for more of the same of what we've already got, but that's not what they're doing.

kinggeoff3780d ago

never claimed the booster packs didn't offer anything new. But worth the kind of cash you could drop on an entire other game...while other devs are offering upgrades that are 50x what warhawk is getting? no.

Not by a long shot. If you have fun with them, that's awesome. power to you. I'll take free updates and will support that over paying 10$ for a map or 2 and the odd vehicle any day. I want the devs to see that if you offer FREE content, the people will love you. And i WANT them to see that if you overcharge for content, you're making a mistake.

Voting with my money.

3780d ago
micro_invader3778d ago

I agree, they just keep churning out boosterpacks and updates, it's awesome.

at kinggeoff: Incognito need to charge for their boosterpacks because of many reasons.Fist off; This game is exclusive to ps3 whereas burnout was released on 360 and ps3, and they got alot more sales, meaning more money. They didn't need to charge people for DLC because they've got enough.

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Milky3780d ago

Operation twinkle star.

Starseven3780d ago

Just for your info: this is not a Duplicate story because on Kotaku you couldn read about the name of the Jetpack "Icarus Mk. I" and that the new Boosterpack (that is coming for sure) are called "Operation Fallen Star".

katana5233779d ago

is a believable title seeing the name of the new map will be tau crater....asteriod, shiny, crater, falling. make sense to me. im excited and as far as i know i thought that the expansions were only 7.99? and if you think thats a rip off then the entire game is a rip off. original game: 5 maps (island outpost, destroyed capital, archipalego, badlands, and eucadia) and 5 "vehicles" (warhawk, jeep, tank, sam site, and flak cannon). 5*$8=S40 people forget that addons for consoles is kind of a new thing. people dont know what to charge and what not to charge. i think warhawk is doing a great job for balancing this. the updates are not only fixing stuff but also adding things like the wrench and biofield mines and modes like collection and warhawk. the things that completely change how the game is played is in the updates e.g. new weaopns/modes while new maps and vehicles cost money.

PimpHandStrong3780d ago

fuk yea

i will get back into Warhawk just to see if i can kill the little flying ppl with flying my warhawk into them!

That is soooooo cool

I will never get rid of Warhawk and hope they will keep the servers running for years to come!

3780d ago
ustayclassyn4g3780d ago

updates are free, but the new maps usually are sold in booster packs with new vehicle

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