Xbox One Elite Controller: It will make you a better gamer

Is the Xbox One Elite controller worth the $150 price tag? Yes and no. It's a great controller with some huge drawbacks depending on how you play games.

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2pacalypsenow1134d ago

Yeah just like Air Jordans make you a better basketball player

Septic1132d ago

I didn't know air jordans gave you extra feet?!

Really though, once you get accustomed to the paddles, you do have a tactical advantage over others.

No longer do you have to let go of the right thumbstick in FPS' for instance to press the face buttons because you can reassign the buttons to the paddles at the back.

Its amazingly intuitive and utilised correctly, will make your enemies taste the falafel before death.

Highlife1132d ago

"Really though, once you get accustomed to the paddles, you do have a tactical advantage over others.

No longer do you have to let go of the right thumbstick in FPS' for instance to press the face buttons because you can reassign the buttons to the paddles at the back."

You can do that on a ps4 controller too or even pc not that special

Lev19031132d ago

@highlife I didnt know PS4 controller had paddle on the back of the controller.:S

You do know he is talking about signing the paddles to specific buttons and not talking about resigning random buttons.

And you can use the elite controller on the PC as well.

Septic1132d ago

"You can do that on a ps4 controller too or even pc not that special"

No you can't.

Perjoss1132d ago

"I didn't know air jordans gave you extra feet?!"

are you suggesting that the elite controller gives you extra fingers?

Volkama1132d ago

@perjoss it kinda does. It enables you to use more fingers anyways.

Scuf PS4 controllers have paddles, so in that sense the PS4 can indeed do it too.

Highlife1132d ago

Lol my bad didn't know what paddles were.

I guess you could still do it if you are a modder.

Ravenor1132d ago

@Highlife Why did you even comment if you didn't know what was being discussed.

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Flash811132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

@2pac Lol

Kribwalker1132d ago

It's an amazing controller, went and played some Xbox in bed last night and used the normal controller because my elite controller is linked to my Xbox downstairs and you can feel the difference amazingly too. Everything about the elite screams quality, even the feel of the way the thumb sticks move. The wife laughed at me and called me a geek when I told her that, but it is true.

rainslacker1132d ago

I had a chance to use one. They're pretty nice controllers. I wouldn't say it made me a better gamer, but made some things more convenient when set up properly. If you're still twitchy with the analogs when aiming or firing, this controller wont solve that problem, but I did feel the analog sticks were nice, precise, and had a smooth operation which made it easier to make minor adjustments to aiming so you don't over move the crosshairs.

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DEEBO1134d ago

All i know is if someone is paying that for a controller a VR headset is a sure sale.

Highlife1132d ago

Everyone splurges on something.

S2Killinit1132d ago

Yeah $150 dollars for a controller is a bit steep. I mean how much better can it be? And if its that good, wouldnt that be a bit unfair to the rest of us who dont have it?

ShowanW1132d ago

i've improved in Killer Instict big time...

My skills were a -3 now I'm a +4.. a 7 point swing is pretty huge..

Yeah I still suck, but I can at least scare my opponents now.

S2Killinit1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

I see. Well im definitly interested to use it for multiplayer, but i wish i could get my hands on it before i cough up the dough.

Septic1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Lol! Are you getting your defence in early for the price of PSVR?

S2Killinit1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

How come? Are you planning on attacking the price of PSVR?

Septic1132d ago

"How come?"

How come what?

"Are you planning on attacking the price of PSVR?"

No don't worry, I'm not. I'm one of those prepared to pay over £250 for VR. Unless its over £350 I don't have an issue.

Ravenor1132d ago


Wow bud, you don't come off as super sensitive at all. "Are you planning on attacking the price of PSVR?" My god that's way to funny.

Death1132d ago

The difference between a premium controller and a new VR platform are pretty big. When you pick up a Scuf or Elite controller you will be able to use it with every single game and see the immediate benefits. Can you say the same about VR today? Everyone excited about VR is using their imagination and looking at the potential benefits VR has for gaming. It's still more a dream than reality. At the same time they are ignoring the potential drawbacks besides cost.

S2Killinit1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

why didn't you say that about Septic's comment ("are you getting your defense in early for price of PSVR?"). I'm just inquiring if Septic believes that he should be getting a defense on, and if so, I wanted to know why?

Besides, I'm not super sensitive, you have to understand my comment in the context in which it is made. I'm aware of Septic's track record in the Playstation articles. He generally doesn't have a positive view towards Playstation stuff.

I only wanted to know his position about the price of PSVR. To which he responded that he might buy it if its less than 350 pounds which is about $525 U.S. dollars. Even I wouldn't buy it at that price though. If its more than $475 dollars I would hold off out of necessity just to make sure its everything I believe it is. So no, i'm not super sensitive.

DEEBO1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Oh psvr is day one no matter what it cost is.
It's a new way to game.

Can you really compare it?

VR or a controller with customize buttons and a turbo switch.

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Foehammer1134d ago

"I've used multiple controllers on systems dating back to the Atari 2600, and even before, and there's never been a controller like the Xbox One Elite controller. It's that damn good of a controller."

Good read

Really sounds like the pinnacle of controllers

No wonder it's selling out.

hello121132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Bought one yesterday got lucky as there was only 2 in stock.

The controller allows for better movement the thumbsticks respond better left or right and up and down. I was not a beast using it my shots felt the same not powerful. I only tried using it playing gears of war though.

If you want to improve your gaming have a good internet connection and play smart only advice i can give. My internet is only ADSL 1 so its not the best.

Volkama1132d ago

You can set different sensitivity profiles for the sticks as well. Recommend trying that.

I set my right stick to "aggressive" that ups the responsiveness on smaller stick movements, which is great for games like Destiny that feel overly slow in the middle.

djplonker1132d ago

If I did most of my gaming on my xbox I would feel kinda preassured into buying this to stay competitive in mp because you are paying for an advantage.

Hopefully they keep selling out and the production costs go down so more people can afford it.

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